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Smartphone Repairs - Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty on all Repairs

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Screen Repair

Broken display? You have come to the right place! See pricing on the most popular models today!

Battery Replacements

Is your phone no longer holding a charge? Maybe nothing happens when you plug in your charger? We can help.

Liquid Damage Repair

Accidents happen. We get that. The important thing to remember when your phone gets wet is - Don't plug it in! Bring it to us right away, we can fix it!

Defective Camera

Photos always blurry? Maybe your camera will no longer focus? You may have a defective camera or a scratched camera lens. We can fix it!

Defective Speakers

Having a hard time hearing people on the phone? We can replace the speakers if necessary and make it as good as new again.

Defective Buttons

 A common problem with iPhone's is failed buttons. Don't spend hundreds on a new phone - We can replace any button without the high cost!

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