Liquid Damage Repair

Liquid Recovery Done Right

No Fix, No Fee. Same-Day Service. High Recovery Rates.


  • If you get your phone wet, immediately do the following:
  • Turn it off and don't plug it in!
  • Remove battery if it's removable
  • Bring it in the same day!

Data Recovery

$49 + cost of flash drive
  • In many cases, if the phone is beyond repair we can still recover the data.
  • 8GB Flash Drive $15
  • 16GB Flash Drive $25
  • 32GB Flash Drive $50

Full Recovery

$99 + parts (if needed)
  • This extensive restoration service includes:
  • A replacement battery
  • Full diagnostic service
  • Every part removed and cleaned

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just put my phone in a bag of rice?

The rice trick is a pure myth.

Putting your phone in a bag of rice will absorb some moisture from the phone but it is not a solution for liquid damage. The phone needs to be opened promptly to have all of the liquid removed and all of the internal components properly treated.

An important fact to remember is that the liquid doesn't destroy the device, electricity combined with liquid does, so don't power the phone on or plug it in!

I let my phone dry after it got wet. Can I use it now?

No! Removing all the liquid is an important step in the process but it is more complicated than that. Most water contains contaminates, minerals, or salt and once the water begins to evaporate all of those minerals will start to form deposits on the circuitsĀ inside of your phone.

If all of the components are not properly treated those mineral deposits will wreak havoc on your phone. It may work for a day, a week, or a month but over time it will start to break down. A proper liquid restoration will prevent this entirely.

Liquid Damage Repair - Logic Board Corrosion


This is a logic board that was not properly treated.

Will I be charged if you can't recover the phone?

If we cannot successfully restore the phone or your data we will never charge you! For example, if you choose our data recovery service we will only charge you if we are able to recover your data or if you choose our full recovery service we will only charge you if we are able to fully restore the device.

Please keep in mind that new parts may be required to complete a full recovery. For example, we are able to restore your phone but the front camera isĀ not working because it is damaged beyond repair. You would have to choice to purchase a new front camera or to use the phone without the front camera.

Need More Information?

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